Starry Sky Photography: Blog en-us (C) Starry Sky Photography (Starry Sky Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:23:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:23:00 GMT Starry Sky Photography: Blog 88 120 Lunch at Cafe Lorrain Every year my husband's German coworkers host a hike locally.  This year we walked across the border into France, lunched at a local cafe, and then hiked around the sandstone rock formations.  Perhaps because I am editing out of order or perhaps because I am still astounded that the lunch portion of this event lasted FOUR hours, we will begin here. Four hours. Did I mention that part?  The cafe is about the only show in town for the hikers hitting the halfway point on the round trip from Germany and through the bluffs.  Additionally it is where the local population of less than 700 gather after funerals and such up at the (single) church, conveniently located a bit further up on Rue de l'Eglise.  (Church Stree) 

The place was at capacity today representing the full range of humanity from the owner's granddaughter wandering between the tables with her pacifier in tow to the old ladies in their pastel polyester suits.  None of them batted an eye as the dogs hiking with us walked on in and settled under

the aside: That is mineral water in the bottle by the way.  Table water is not common in Germany nor France. You can order it, however it will usually be carbonated. 

After a leisurely wait, beverages started circulating and orders were placed.  Then we waited.  And waited.  And waited. About two hours or so.  I have to give props to my boys because while they are totally not used to food delays, and would normally consider that to be a culinary emergency of sorts, they sat perfectly still and quiet.  For two hours.  Or so. 

My guys ordered jagerschnitzel - they aren't real adventurous. For instance, although they had several varieties of escargot on the menu, the closest we got to them was through my zoom lens.   On each table were family style bowls of salad, platters of mixed veggies, bread baskets, and shallow silver bowls of pommes frites.  Once again I was reminded that Europeans make far better tea than I ever do at home and this is possibly due to water temperature.  Need to master this. 

So the dining part lasted another hour after which the check was called for.  After another half hour the dogs and the boys decided to wait outside.  I wandered the village with my camera and finally the rest of the party emerged from the cafe.  We learned later we should have read this review first.  It wasn't just us.  

Still, it was a lovely place, a delicious meal, and it allowed us to rest up for the spectacular climb that was to follow.  Since that part lasted a few more hours, we had another hour ride home, and a little man here is making his First Communion tomorrow.  I am hitting the hay.  Pictures to follow, as always.  Probably out of order.  As always.  : )

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